Generate thumbnails (Atomik 9.2)

Why after replacing all the graphics in Atomik, their number when generating thumbnails is more than twice as large?

system after installation

system after replacement

should it be like that?
I’ve noticed that I have a disturbingly disproportionate amount on other sites as well.

Just so I’m following, you’re saying you do the “swap” image functionality in the file manager and then regenerate the thumbnails for the images?

If so, I’m imagining it would be because it retains the thumbnails for the previous version of the image, and then generates new thumbnails for the new image version.

Swap > rescan
then clear cache … all maintenance.
then Generate thumbnails

Are you sure? Sounds reasonable, but why?
Shouldn’t the old files be gone for good by now?
Is it supposed to be like this or is it a bug?

You can test it by deleting the previous version of the file and then running the generate thumbnails operation.

The reason (I am theorizing) would be if you were to switch the file back to the previous version, you wouldn’t want all your thumbnail calls on the front end to suddenly break because there are no generated thumbnails available.

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that is, he also stored the old version (like pages). Now it makes sense and it’s even good :slight_smile: :+1:

ps. is there any way to remove all old versions automatically?

It works. Thanks for the tip. :+1:

Nice! Yeah I know there’s a task that clears out old page versions - I’m not sure if there’s a task that clears out old file versions though. Might be a good feature suggestion.

Do you mean all? How?

Definitely, in the case of several hundred or several thousand photos, manual work would be a drama.
So I did it:

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Not all the old versions - It leaves the last 10 most recent:

It’s one of the tasks here:

Sadness, I thought you knew some trick to get around this.

This addon looks like it can clear out old file versions:

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