Get access to an image that is not in the theme

Hi! I’m having troubles trying to get access to an image that is not in the folder of the theme. I want to stock the images in the packages folder so that I can access them from all the themes, but I can’t find a way to do that.
I tried to use getPackagePath() but I get this error: Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\Page\View\PageView::getPackagePath().
Also, if I write the simple path (/var/www/html/concrete5/packages/uploadsImages/name_image) it doesn’t find the image. If I check the console, I can see that it search for the image just in the theme folder, it doesn’t go up to the package folder.
Any idea of what I can do? Thanks a lot in advance!
/var/www/html/concrete5/packages/uploadsImages/name_image → path for the image
/var/www/html/concrete5/packages/cherche/themes/theme_cherche → theme path

you could try using an absolute path like:

When I try this it still doesn’t work and in the console it gives me this error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).
Any idea why? It also gave the same error if I write the path without the domain.

You need to be very sure of your images for this. Unless you get complicated, showing images directly out of a package folder bypasses all the thumbnail mechanisms and picture element building the core provides.

You maybe know another way to do it?

For most applications, I would import them into the file manager during install, record the fIDs, then use the same mechanisms the core blocks use to display them. A bonus would be the images would be available to all uses, not just the coded uses.

For themes or theme-like applications, where I was managing everything to do with the file size, such as fixed banner images, then as themes do to show images bundled with the theme.