Getting error when installing version 9 on local computer

Kick XAMPP out and try WAMP instead you can get the downloads from

I think the problem is with this new version of XAMPP that has PHP 8. When I try using the new version of XAMPP it always errors out.
The installation on my mac is with version 5.7 of MAMP and that has PHP 7.3.9.
I just did a test install on my windows computer of concretecms9 using the previous version of XAMPP with PHP 7.4.26 and it installed without error using the regular install method. The php.ini max_execution_time is set to 120 in this version.
I will try wamp in a few minutes.

Ok, I have wampserver setup using mariadb 8.0.13 and I get this warning after entering in all my settings.
Database should support the configured character set and collation
The database does not have a complete support for all the Unicode characters. This implies, for example, that you may not be able to save emoticons (it’s the same behavior as concrete5 versions older than 8.5.0). You should upgrade your database to fix this issue.


Are you sure?
Isn’t 8.0.13 the PHP version?
You should create a new database with utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation

Maria DB versions listed at

All the latest flavours of MariaDB are available to down load from the same place that the OP downloaded WAMP

Wamp has the latest version of mariadb.

@ConcreteOwl I did create the database with that collation.

For 9.0.1 when you create a new database you must set the collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci

Sorry cross posting… You can switch to MySQL instead of MariaDB

I switched to mysql and get the same warning. I clicked the box that says ignore warning and it looks to be installing ok. Remains to see if it runs like that.

I have never had this much trouble installing Concrete before in the 9 years I have been working with the app! Crazy

Well I don’t understand that because I have several installs of Version 9 on my WAMP64 server and have never seen that warning?
Fingers crossed for you…

Did you remember to edit the my.ini file to add lower_case_table_names = 2

Yes, added lower_case_table_names=2

The last attempt with wampserver ended in an error!
I’m just about done with this.

I’m going to try and use Vagrant.

I wasted many hours trying to install v9 on WIn10 with Xampp and Vagrant (Homestead). Both either died before completing the install or died when trying to access the site immediately after.
I’m now using Laragon and it works perfectly. Extremely quick to set up new DBs and automatic virtual domains too. Give it a try.

Did not work on Laragon either.
I am done with concrete. :rage:

Or is that a MySql version 8.0.13? MySql, not MariaDb? Because from some version of MySql 8.0.something there was a bug with foreign key updates which slowed down the performance by 10 times and I also had terrible problems with PHP timeouts. That bug has been fixed starting from MySql 8.0.21.

I don’t think MariaDb has ever had 8.* series versions. As John mentioned there, it parted ways from MySql and become v10.*. And MariaDb has also had that bug in v10.4.something (don’t remember the numbers now, maybe 13 or 14). That bug is fixed from v10.4.21.