Getting single page DIVs in the right place. (Google map) on view.php

I’ve been working on a single page that draws a google map. I got the controller and the database stuff all working fine and the map and all the other stuff I need draws on the single_page. I just can’t seem to get it to put it between the header and footer. I’ve tried moving the DIVs around but no luck.

I’m sure this is easy for all you developers but not for me. I’ve been using concrete for a long time, but never had to develop the page completely on my own.

The main issue if that I can get everything below the header, I can’t get the footer to stay below the map.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Oh I should add that all my DIVs and the map itself worked fine on a plain old self written page. I want to move over to Concrete to make other parts of the site easier to manage. I find the Concrete documentation difficult and I thought that the view page would place things between the header and footer. I’m sure I’m missing something (maybe a function) but after Googling and reading the documentation for a few days, I’m no closer.

Hi all
I’m feeling kinda dumb (again). Ive got so many DIV’s in this page (unavoidable). (the map and sidebar text that JS links to the map) that I missed closing a couple of DIVs. I’ve got this mostly figured out. Sorry. The problem was not with Concrete.

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