"Getting started" Videos for real beginners?

I tried to follow Franz videos, but unfortunately I have to say that they are made for experienced web designers, not for beginners. Too rapid and not very clear targets and steps how to do it. Step by step how to start from zero and create home page and 2-3 other pages.

Hi @HannuJaala - which videos are you talking about being a little too hard to follow? I don’t want to send you links to videos you’ve already watched, ha.

All “Getting started” videos on this site:

“Getting started” should be easy to follow for real beginners. I have no experience about Concrete, but some slight experience about joomla and wordpress.

For me those “Getting started” was very difficult to follow. They are excellent for Concrete developers to find out new features, but for those who do not understand Concrete logic, almost impossible.

To start to make a new website, you have to start with an empty site, so the videos should also start from totally empty site after installation. There should be a simple site with 2-3 pages and then “Getting started” video, which will show every step from empty new installation site.

Have you looked at the documentation? A lot of that is covered in their, step by step

Yes. Just at the Documentation / Videos. I did not find any “step by step” example how to build a few pages Concrete website starting from empty installation… Nor the Documentation / User guide. There are some explanations, no step by step example. Tutorials show only some very detailed cases. Is somebody giving online courses or even private lessons?

My mistake, I would be more than happy to give private lessons, I think like any CMS there is a degree of learning curve. The setup is pretty straight forward but happy to talk you through it.

The creation of a few page website really depends on what you are looking to achieve. Out of the box the CMS has 2 templates. There is the ability to install the site without any content or create a site will full content so you can learn how these templates work.

There are also many other templates on the market place with guides on how to setup sites. a good example of this is here Documentation - Concrete CMS

The forums are also a great place to look for help but like most things there isn’t a one size fits all for every project. I feel what you are looking for is there in various places.

Some useful links

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