Give a user group access to view form entries


One of my clients has requested access to all form submissions on their website for the purpose of exporting CSV files when needed. I have already provided their user group with access to the relevant pages in the sitemap under the “Dashboard” tab, specifically for the reports and express pages. Although they now have permissions to view the result pages, unlike my admin account, they are unable to see any form results.

I have also given them access to the System and settings > express tab which allows them to see the 2 forms they have on the page: /dashboard/system/express/entities but the form entries are still not showing on the /dashboard/reports/forms page for my users.

Is there a setting that would allow me to grant them permission to view these forms?

Thank you.

I figured out how to do it. For anyone else who needs to change the permissions so editors can view the form entries you can change the permissions here: /dashboard/system/express/entries

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