Global Footer block not displaying properly on single page

I have inherited a site with a custom theme, running on concrete version 8.2.1, and I am having trouble identifying the source of an issue.

There is a “Partner logos” section with an individual block for each logo. in developer mode, they’re listed one after another left aligned, in the edit block, but once “live” on a page, they’re spaced out the width of the page. My issue is that despite one page, the automatic spacing works perfectly. The single page however, all the logos are left aligned so far off the page you can only see a sliver of them, and they’re listed one after the other like they would appear in the editing block, not spaced out as all the other pages. I’ve even tried older version of the page, but the logos show up the same.

I’ve looked at page source, and page templates, but I am looking for support on what else could be causing a global area to be so messed up on just a single page.

Hi @cartel ,

This sounds like a CSS issue and as such it’s a little difficult to troubleshoot without seeing it in action. I realize you may not want to put the site up, but maybe you can isolate the example or something? Thanks.