Google SEO indexing error

Google has told me they can’t index my site due to a page redirect. I have a concrete5 site that links to an opencart shop. But pretty sure I don’t have a redirect anywhere else. Anyone else had this issue and resolved it. Thanks.

It looks like you may be in the same scenario as Url showing twice

If you go to the sitemap through the dashboard, click on the home page and select ‘SEO’ is there anything entered in the ‘URL slug’ field? It looks like ‘makeupmasterclass-home’ may be entered there which then redirects / to the value entered there.

Hope this helps

Since your site has not had the ‘Pretty Urls’ setup via htaccess, your urls include index.php.
Your root url is:
Your canonical is set to:
So your canonical setting is redirecting your root url to the canonical url