Group Email Error

URGENT: Hello ~ it has been brought to my attention that many if not all of the people in a Group are not receiving the emails (except the Admins). When sent this message pops up but the message to the admins still go through to their email box- just not the people in the group. There were a couple of rejected email addresses that returned so I deleted them incase that was causing the issue for some reason, but it is still happening. We have been sending emails with important information for a few weeks now on this fresh install - can anyone help? thanks very much ,

What version on php are you running, your screenshot cut it off a bit.

PHP Version


It could be that your server isn’t set up to send email using PHP. What is the result when you add your domain to

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nice tool! everything looks good initially, but switching to the black list option, it turns out the site has a “black list” (Added to UCEPROTECTL3). Earlier this evening I contacted our tech support and found out that Yahoo and Verizon have black listed our Host shared IP and refuse to lift it for some reason or provide a solution. So now I am looking into MX records- but I’m not really liking the option of having to pay for solutions that shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. thanks so much for the link.