GTMetrix & Pagespeed Insight speed on fresh install

Hello! I wanted to try Concrete CMS to create simple websites instead of WordPress which seem too hard to learn for many people. I really liked the simple approach. I created a small one page with one image, menu and text field. I ran it through GTMetrix and Pagespeed Insights to check the loading time and GT Metrix gave me score of Performance 95 % and Structure 93 %. Pagespeed Insights gave me 74 % on Mobile and 88 % on Desktop. I have tried Oxygen builder on WordPress on the same hosting provider and achieved 100 % easily even without caching options. Is there any speed optimization or caching type of solutions for Concrete CMS I could try?

My website is based on LiteSpeed servers in Finland ( provider ), which is LiteSpeed based. Is PHP 7.4 a good choice or are there any PHP options or settings that I could enable to get full 100 % with Concrete CMS?

Which version r u using?
Which theme r u using?
Do you have an url we could look at?
One of our sites testing with PageSpeed gets 93 for mobile and 99 for desktop (homepage).
Version 8.5.7, Litespeed server, PHP 7.4.27, custom theme, custom blocks, a few webp images (with jpeg fallback), no caching and community store add-on.