Happy New Year - Concrete Friends

Before we enter the New Year, let’s try to sum up the old one.
Surveys – it was bad, it is still bad – nothing has changed
I don’t even want to mention other things.

2023 was a rather weak year. But, as they say, that was (just) the first time. Second?

I have completed some of my outstanding questions - I hope they will find an answer next year without such delays as in 2023.

I won’t thank you by name - I did it as much as possible and I hope that no one will feel left out.

However, I wish everyone, especially the core team, perseverance in improving and adapting our favorite CMS to modern times - a big thank you to the programmers and UX/UI designers (if there are any) for introducing changes to improve this system.

Happy New Year

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You’re welcome.

In 2024 I hope you find the joy you’re looking for.

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Happy New Year to all. 2024 WILL be better, I’m sure!
Keep up the all the good work that you do: andy, frz, johnthefish, enlil, mlocati and all the other core contributors/developers.
I’m looking forward to it…

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