Help! I think I broke my Blog Page?

I’m using Concrete 9 and was creating some test blogs. Now when I go to the main blog page, I get an “Undefined variable $description” error. I think my mistake was how I was naming the pages. Ie: Test Blog#1 ( I think I probably screwed things up by putting the # sign in the title?) I deleted the pages I created but still get the error page.

Can anybody help me on this?

This is what comes up on the page.

Thank you in advance.

@greebhorizons I don’t think # is the cause. I have the same errors on boards, with similar cms ver / php 8.0 / 8.1 configuration.

Downgrade to php7.4 and wait for fix or manually edit file and change line 16 to:

<?php if (!empty($description)) { ?>

Thanks. I also had to change line 13 in blog_image_right.php as well, but that did the trick.