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Can anyone provide a link for the recommended formatting for images used in an image slider? I’m getting different results on different pages (e.g., “project” page vs. “home” page in the example). In particular, one set of dimensions is getting cut off at the bottom, while the same image displays correctedly on a small cell phone. A search has not turned up a usable reference to “image slider” in the documentation. Thanks!


There could be many reasons for this. Do you have a link where we can see what’s happening?

This may be theme/thumbnail related. Each theme sets up thumbnails for various sizes of image. If the aspect ratio and size of your slider images does not match what the theme expects, they get cropped or padded. Different thumbnails of an image are used at different screen sizes, hence the behaviour you observe.

Have a look at the ‘Thumbnails’ section of the dashboard for a clue about the optimum image sizes your theme likes to work with and design your images to scale into those sizes.

Alternatively, some slider/gallery blocks in the marketplace are a bit more sophisticated than the core block and manage the slider size and any necessary fitting of images to the size of the slider.

For example, my Omni Gallery block does this (others marketplace blocks also manage image size). Various slider/gallery displays using the elemental default image set at