Help me understand editing page types

Hey guys, I’ve been using ConcreteCMS since the 5.6 days and it’s been awesome. I manage a large website (over 600 pages) and it’s perfect for what we want from a website. I’m currently running 8.5.12, but will be upgrading to the latest soon (probably over the Christmas break). I do have a question regarding updating & editing page types.

So when I setup this website initially in 2018, I modified a couple page types and they have suited our needs for the most part. There are a couple changes I’d like to make. They’re pretty small, but I’d like to have these changes updated on all the current pages created. Is this possible?

What I’m experiencing is I can modify the page type, create a NEW page, and the change is there. However, I want this change to be on all the pages I currently have created as well. Is it possible to make a change to the page type and push that change to already created pages?

Let me know if that makes sense or if I need to clarify! Thanks guys!

I would make a local copy of the website a test locally.

And YES. It’s possible what you want to accomplish. Simply go to the page type (output), click on the block and then set up on child pages.