Help with contact form email

I am pretty sure I have all the email settings correct, but the form states that it sends the email but it never gets to the recipient.
Anyone have this problem?

Have you tried sending a test email there is a function for in in the dashboard.

Also check the logs under the report section to see what’s sent

Yes Tim, I did the test in the dashboard and it states the email was sent successfully. I am getting back into C5CMS after a few years away from it so I am trying to get back up to speed on where to look for problems. I did not look in the logs in the report section but I will do that now.
Thanks for the input.

[Update] I just looked in the reports section and the 3 test emails I sent from the dashboard are there but they did not actually go to the email address I wanted them to go.

I have a bit of the same problem. I set the form to send to both my Gmail address and to my own domain-name-based email The logs show the email was sent successfully.

I receive it on my Gmail address but not on my own address.

I tested it with somebody else’s email address also using their own custom domain-name and they received it.

So obviously the problem is not a sending problem, it is a receiving issue.

I have to add that I regularly receive emails on that address and it works. It’s only when sending through the form that it doesn’t get anything.

It might have to do with server security settings. When you send a form, it uses an email address for the “from” field. When the receiving server receives the email if they feel the “from” email doesn’t correspond to the server it was sent from, they might simply block it.

That might be what’s happening?

Are both addresses on the same server?

I have had this issue quite a bit, and often when on some shared hosting setups. There are quite a lot of variables at play, and so there can be many places where the emails can be getting flagged as spam. However I’ve often found that amending the Email Routing Configuration on the server will fix the issue…

Example - In WHM this is under DNS Functions → Email Routing Configuration. It is often set to ‘Auto’ or ‘Local’, but changing it to ‘Remote’ will usually help the delivery of the emails.

What sort of hosting are you on? Sometimes you will have access to change this yourself, and other times it’s a case of talking to your support.

Another thing to try is playing around with the domain in the ‘From’ email address - this can sometimes also help.

Hi there!
I get this old post because suddenly I have the same problem. I do not receive the “admins email”. The user email works and they are sent…the emails from my simcasts are working…only the admin emails from do not work.
Website email configurations are fine, because I receive other kind of emails…
I’m getting crazy!!!

I have the same problem if the ‘from’ email domain set on the sending (website) server, e.g., is the same as the ‘to’ email domain, i.e. also because the email provider ( doesn’t allow incoming emails with its domain if they have not originated or been sent through its own server. Or some emails get to the spam folder on the mail provider.

Sometimes I don’t receive gmail emails because they either get blocked (the same problem as above) or get into a spam folder.

Check your email provider requirements and spam folder.