Help with Salix theme

ON ther website I am working on I am using the Salix theme. On the Home_v2 page design there is supposed to be a full width banner on top of the page, but mine does not have it.I can see it in the html of the page design, but it is not showing when I try to edit the page The client want a background image on the home page. I even downloaded the theme one more time, made a copy of the Home_v2 theme, renamed it just home.php, uploaded it and chose it just in case something had happened to the original. Still nothing.

the website is at

Here is a screenshot of the page. The banner area is supposed to be just above the three column areas on top

Also, my client want larger font on the menu. I struggle to figure out wich css file that actually controls the font size

@djoniba a little, late, but did you figure this out? Looking at the site now, I see you have the background image. I assume you are trying to create a banner like the “Feature” banner in this image: ? I think that’s described on page 6 of the (excellent) documentation here:

Thanks. It is on hold now. The client stressed me to finish, but never sent photos and text.
Cannot do anything more until he drlivers