Hey C5, my website does not work anymore

A few years ago, I did create two websites with Concrete5.
One ‘polparol.be’, the other ‘maartenweb.be’.
We did decide not to update the websites.
nevertheless I encounter a problem today with the website ‘maartenweb.be’
I receive the following message:

preg_match(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 4

I really do not know what it means and certainly not what to do with it.
Can someone help me with this situation?

Thank you!

That is typically a result of your host updating the php version.

First, check what php version you host is using and what c5 version you are running - confirm the above.

If do, solutions:

a) Downgrade the php version. Most cPanel interfaces provide a section to manage the php version for each site.

b) Upgrade c5 to a version that is compatible with latest php.

c) Edit the regex to conform to latest php regex rules. However, if php has been updated, that will only un-mask further phpversion issues.

thanks for your reply.
The problem is that the php version with my host is already downgraded to php 7.3
(which is the lowest version possible)
I am sure that the php version of my website is also 7.3.
I cannot check it because I cannot login, but I am quite sure.
So what can be wrong with my host settings?

I do not know what the regex rules mean.

Have you ever run a site upgrade? If so, you will have an upgrades directory with the version number as part of the name. You can find that in your hosts cPanel.

If not, also in your hosts cPanel, find the site directories. If there is /application/files/, you are on a 5.7+ core.

If /concrete and /files are separate top level directories, you are on a pre 5.7 core.

I did check the php settings of ‘polparol.be’ with those of ‘maartenweb.be’
because these websites are developed at the same time and I have no problems with ‘polparol.be’
The settings of polparol.be are set on the most recent stable version of php.
I, just now, did set the php version of maartenweb.be the same way.
I receive now a different error: HTTP ERROR 500

concerning the site update.
In the ‘updates map’, i find a map with the name 'concrete5-8,4,3-remote_updater.
How can this help me to resolve the problem?

thank you!

From 8.4.3 you should be able to update to 8.5.5. As the site is non-functional, this will need to be done manually via the host cPanel and CLI. There is general guidance in the documentation, but that assumes a basic level of cPanel and CLI expertise.

Make a backup first. Updates can go wrong.

ok, thank you for your advise!!

I will propose this to the person who is responsible.


I wish to say that in meantime I did succeed to upgrade the C5 website to 8.5.5 version.
I did also put the php setting with my host to php 7.4

I have however a problem with the update of the plugins.
when I update The C5DK blog plugin, the website crashes completely.
I had to do a restore of the website.
What can you advice me to do with this problem?

Thank you.

It’s hard to say what caused that without see the error log. Can you post any errors?

If you’re certain the error is caused by the the c5dk blog plugin, you may want to PM @C5DK and inquire. They would be best bet to know the upgrade process of the package, and where a bug may be appearing.

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