Hide preceding & following month in calendar

Is it possible to just display one calendar month with the events calendar block and not include a few days preceding and following the month being displayed?

The calendar view in the CMS dashboard has a one month view with these days left as empty boxes. However the actual page block doesn’t hide these.

I believe it is a ‘showNonCurrentDates’ format I require looking at the fullcalendar.io docmentation?

Page Block


I think that might need to be a feature request for the calendar block as a property that can be set via the block edit interface if it’s not available presently.

The fact that they are greyed out implies they have a css class on them. So you could just find that class amd display:none

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I did look at this approach but unlike the date numbers the event markers don’t appear scoped within the past and future date css classes.