Hosting and concrete 5

Hi there, can anyone help. we have moved a concrete 5 website to a new host however the website is not showing.

We have updated the config file with database details from the current server, but the website is still only showing white screen

Maybe you could provide a url to the site or some more information? Specially on how you “moved” the site.

There could be many reasons like missing packages, wrong php version, faulty configuration, …

Can you access /index.php/login?

Have to tried emptying the cache files? This sometime sorts that problem out.

application > files > cache (delete contents of the folder entitled ‘cache’ )

Yes it is to do with upgrading the php

Upgrading php? Is your concretecms version compatible with your php version?


We need to manually update Concrete5 step by step through a number of version (hoping from v.5.6 to v.9 will pretty much certainly break the site) without being able to log in the the admin panel, which is where we need some guidance.

Getting from a c5.6 site to v9.latest with automation will involve many risks

  • export content (which will be incomplete)
  • import content (which will be incomplete)
  • theme will not be compatible, so will need a fair bit of work or need to be replaced
  • no addon compatibility, though there may be equivalents
  • any application code will need rewriting for v9.

With all that in mind, unless you have hundreds or thousands of pages to move, it will be easier to start with a clean install, pick a new v9 theme, and copy/paste content using the usual edit interface. When doing that, take care to actually upload images into the new site (its easy to erroneously copy image urls from the old site rather than uploading and using the images in the new site).