Hosting recommendations

I have a concrete5 website (V8.3.2) focused on hiking information ( that has become increasingly popular. The site now averages about 70,000 visitors/month during the summer. Visitation drops to around 10,000/visitors a month during the winter. The site has been hosted on Webhosting hub, using their their dynamo service, for several years. This summer I have had a lot of performance problems. When I spoke to webhosting hub about the problems they said I needed to upgrade to dedicated server, which they no longer offer.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a hosting service the can handle a website with variable visitations at a reasonable cost? This site was started as a hobby and has become quite popular overtime. (I.e. this is more a labor of love as opposed to a business.)
Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.
Thank you.

We’ve had a lot of success with
It provides very vanilla cPanel setups, and we’ve never had an issue with performance or reliability.

pardon the obvious plug, but:

A2 does a great job on the budget end.
If you’re looking for something with some more DevOps tools, we’ve got some pretty cool features in our Pro accounts.

Thank you. Would love to do Pro but it does not fit my budget. Appreciate the recommendation!