HOw can i upgrade

If you are looking for technical assistance, be sure and include the version of Concrete and PHP that you are using.

When try to upgrade then nothing will work and new version showing 250 tables but current we have onlt 122 tables

Version: 7.4 and concreate

Version is a very old legacy codebase, it is possible to upgrade sequentially to and this will work on php7.4.
It is not a straight forward process though and if your site is not too big it would be easier to rebuild on the latest version.

Please share this version how i can download

You can get it from github at:

Are you sure your current version is and not

How i can upgrade this
just need to place in upgrade folder.

You need to be precise in your answer to @ConcreteOwl 's question in order to receive correct advice.

The best way to be clear is to post your site environment report. Dashboard > System & Settings > Environment.

But my site not working.

Unfortunately, it depends on what version of concrete you are currently running as to how you preform the upgrade process,
If your site is not working and you cannot set the php version of your server to one lower than php7 then it needs to be performed using a local web server with various versions of php available.

Ideally, restore your site to a working previous version from a backup. With a failed update from (unknown) to (unknown), it is unlikely that anyone will be able to give you instructions through the forum.