How can we check the folder ID

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@TatsumaK is trying to make a use of RestAPI.

He wants to know the following

  • What does “integer” of “folder:integer” mean at Adds a file object documentation
  • He wants to know how he can check the folder ID
  • He wants to know is there any RestAPI endpoint to create folder


Hi @katz515 - so that would be the integer ID of the folder to place the file in I believe.

I am not certain if there is an endpoint to get folder information - I don’t think so. Let me double check.

@katz515 - all right so the integer is the ID of the folder. It is not required that you include one, leaving it blank will just upload the file to the root of the file manager.

You can find the folder ID in the file manager GUI presently - when you’re in the dashboard, the ID of the folder is the last path of the URL.

There is not currently an endpoint to create (or other operations) folders but there is a Github issue coming in to outline that, and a few other endpoints that would be helpful.

Thanks for the question!

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Thx. Will let @TatsumaK know

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