How do I change the theme for the forum in my preferences?

I know that dark themes are all very trendy, but as a sight impaired individual, dark themes are massively difficult to use. Is this forum limited only to the dark theme? I don’t seem to be able to find a way to change it. But then again, because it is so difficult for me to work with I might be missing it. If it’s not selectable, would anyone happen to have a TamperMonkey script?

The forums are being worked on. Today was first I seen new features being public. I too was looking for a way between light/dark mode to no avail. I believe there’s more to come!

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You can now change this from your preferences → interface.

I, like you, appreciate a bright workspace from time to time…

Either should work now.


Woohoo! Awesome, thank you!

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I cannot find “preferences >> interface”. Where do I have to look?

@carli click on your user image, top right, click on profile (last option) and select preferences.

Thank you, darkness has gone! :grinning:

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