How do I extend the Search Indexer

I have hit an issue with indexing the content on a client website, the basic indexer works but In addition to the Page Contents I need to include the Page Title and a page custom attribute so that these can be searched by a user. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.
This is on a C5 8.5.6 soon to be 8.5.7 site.


Not sure why the page name wouldn’t be indexed. As for the attributes, check them at /dashboard/pages/attributes. Make sure you have ‘content included in search index’ checked for those you want in results.

The built-in search tool considers the content of the header, description (attribute) and body to be equally important which doesn’t really work for larger content-rich sites. On one of my sites I overrode the search controller to prioritise each of these factors differently, depending on an exact match, starting with, or ending with phrase. I also added a custom MySQL function to search for words that “sound like” the search phrase - very powerful. It would be handy to have this level of functionality out of the box… it would really turn the search block into a serious tool. If you need some custom coding services around this, just let me know.

Hi Thanks for that, looks like I need to do some reading