How do you adding and deal with images in your code?


Thought I would ask the question to see what others do in general?

After reading this many moons ago i started using thumbnails for all images in my code.

When adding an image using code I generally pull in thumbnails, then out put different ones for different devices using the method below.

<source media="(min-width: 465px)" srcset="img_car.jpg">

My issue is that sometimes when clients upload large images ConcreteCMS falls over trying to save out all the thumbnails and it also creates a lot of images on the server.

Is this still the best way to add images or are there better ways?

Have you set dimensions (it’s browser-side resizing on upload) in /dashboard/system/files/image_uploading ?
If you set it to something sane, like 1920x1080 (or even lower), your serwer should handle creating thumbnails easily.
It works perfectly for clients who loves to upload 20MB images on site.

You can just remove some thumbnail types in /dashboard/system/files/thumbnails, if you are not using them. Worst case Concrete will fallback to closest dimensions/original image.
Alternatively, you can restrict Thumbnail Type creation to specific File Sets.

Thanks, yes I do all these things but if you have a lot of thumbnails set up it can be heavy going when uploading say 10 images.

Yes have it set so you can ignore images in certain sets or only on certain sets but I just wondered how other people do things.

Thumbnails are great as you get both normal and retina versions and can also adjust what part of an image is shown for each image. But when you have a site with 500+ pages and a few images per page it is a lot on the server especially if some of those thumbnails will never be used.