How do you develop websites

hi there
maybe this is a stupid question for some of you but i still want to ask… :wink:

how do you guys develop your websites in concrete cms?

  • do you create html files, then put it into the php files, required by the cms and upload via ftp?
  • or do you have workflows with gulp, github deployment etc.?

would be great to have some inputs, how you do it.

thank you!

Plenty of info here … Developers Table of Contents :: Concrete CMS

thank you!

i actually wanted to hear some experiences of people not only what is possible…:blush:

I generally design the site in Adobe XD.

Then generate all the html I need.

Next I great a package and move all my images, js and CSS in to the themes folder and start adding the html. Where I use blocks I add the html to templates within the package block folder for the block.

Whilst developing I use bitbucket to store my code and all code is uploaded using FileZilla.

I generally develope either in Dreamweaver or PhpStorm depending on the project and how I feel.

very helpful, thank you so much!
one additional question where do you create the php files?
default.php etc?

many thanks again!

If you look at any theme there are set places that are used for guidance.

Elements folder for header.php, foot.php, head.php these are all elements held on most pages.

Then in the root you have your page files like home.php, default.php, full.php

Check out

To see how a theme within a package works and some good conventions for CCMS

thank you very much!