How I install Replica PRO Themes with Demosites


I bought Replica Pro. I tried to install the demo sites. But I become only like in the picture. What I have done not correct?

Pleace help me.

Change the folder /application/files in your installation with the folder in the zipfile and replace the database with demo DB included.

What does it mean: DB included.

Can you help me?


Ueli Nick

The zip file you downloaded to install the demo contains a file called

That is a copy of the demo website’s database. You have to import that file into your demo website’s database so it replaces it so you will then see the demo content on your website.

Thanks very much to answer.
I think, I did this like you said, then I received the results like in the picture I send above.
As a note:
When I don’t delete the old tables from the datebase, it doesn’t work. Thats the reason why I deleted the old tables, and then I imported the zip.
Do I have to create a new Database and then afterwards do the import?
Thanks for your help

Which version are you using, v8 or v9?

I use version 9.1.1
I look forward to help.
Thanks very much.