How to ask pre sale question?

I am logged in and need information about an addon? When I click “post question” in support nothing happens? Am I missing something?
Thanks for help.

You must be logged in to use the ‘Post Question’ link, trying signing in first.

I am logged in. Button is not active.

Only becomes active for me after I have logged in … from the support page, in the top right hand corner click the little man icon and sign in then go back to the support page and the link will be active.
You might be logged into the forums section but you must also log into the marketplace section.

Thank you ConcreteOwl, that works.

But this is very confusing to log in on two almost identical logins. One needs to know. I also find it confusing, that there are two different sites .com .org where you can reach the forums.

We are quite new with concrete. We have inherited many sites from another agency and we need to port them to newer versions and update the extensions.

Where do we ask other questions? On this forum, on Stackoverflow or on Slack?

Your best option is to ask questions on this forum (in my opinion).
I agree that the transition from the old forum to the new has many members confused but it will all settle down eventually.

Thanks for your answer.
I’d love to know and understand the logic behind having two domains for the same CMS.