How to change the name that my web site form comes from

SO, I’ve got a website I run for my main business, and on that site I have a form. The email address I used to build the website is my personal one, while the email address I use for my business is my business one.
When I receive a contract form submission from my business website, it goes to my business email, BUT, it says it comes from my personal email address.
When I reply to the potential client, my personal email address will show up in the email thread, which I don’t want, since I want them to use my business email address, which I am replying to the form from.

Is there a way to change this?

I have three logins to this website, one is the primary admin, and that’s my personal address.
The second is my business login, which is me logging in from my business account, the same email address I use to send the form replies to, and conduct my main business email from.
The third is for admin support, and not a concern here.
I first started by logging in as my business profile, and editing the form.
That didn’t change anything.
Again logged in as my business profile, I then removed the form by copying it to clipboard, deleting the one on the page, save/publish, then putting the form back from the clipboard, then save publish.
Again, no change.
I then tried creating a new form, again logged in as my business profile, and deleting the old form, then of course save and publish.
Again, no change.

Yes, try looking under systems and settings > emails> system email addresses

Thank you so much, that was it! :smiley: