How to change the URL, inside the project page of a website

Hello. :grinning: I am using the newest version of v9.

How do I change the URL, while inside the ConcreteCMS project page, for a website? I installed a new version of ConcreteCMS at a new URL. I asked my web host to move the website to the new URL. I am unable to edit the ConcreteCMS project page, to change the URL on the website’s project page. Please advise. Thank you very much.

Hi @tamarosher - I think you would want to create a new project with the new URL, and then reassign your licenses to that project.

Let me know if that helps.

Dear Evan Cooper: Hello.

Thank you very much. Your kind advice helped me create the new project, containing correct information. I deleted the old project, created a new project, and added the add-ons to the new project.

@tamarosher great! I’m glad that helped get things resolved.