How to change URL on ConcreteCMS from localhost to hostDash

I’m use the latest updated version of ConcreteCMS.

This is my first time playing with websites. Please answer in simple language with picture references.

I migrated my site to HostDash using their IT assistance. They said things were complete on their end. I went to open the link to my website. I received an error message and passed it onto hostDash. This is what they said:

“Specifically, it is trying to load this file from your XAMPP installation:

“I would recommend contacting ConcreteCMS to see if they can assist in guiding you on how you can update the paths and URLs so it no longer references your local Windows environment.”

So… Anyone interested in guiding me through the process of updating my URL?

Your time will be appreciated!!!

A cache clear should fix this - head to the /dashboard url, login, search for Clear Cache, and hit that button.

Hello mesuva,
Clearing cache was not the solution. When I goto my website on hostdash I only see a blank page.

I needed to have my website running yesterday. If I stall for much longer my boss will force me to use Wordpress.

… And nobody likes Wordpress.

So I made things worse through my attempts of fixing things.

I tried following a tutorial on YouTube

Though now I’ve messed up XAMPP and can no longer access localhost. I tried to reverse what I did to no avail.

I was suggested by a friend to try and get localhost working again. Then export my website from localhost, then import the website onto a fresh installation of ConcreteCMS on HostDash

What are your recommendations?

Can you still login on the site at hostdash?
Is it just the home page of the site that is returning a blank page?
Can you view other pages?
Can you view /robots.txt if you manually go to that address?