How to clean up Projects page - removing staging accounts

When I am starting a new site, oftentimes it is a renovation and the current site is using the domain, so I set up a staging subdomain to develop the new site under. As I add “Add-Ons” to this Project, they get linked to the subdomain. Once I launch the site under the proper domain, I sometimes have difficulty linking to the Community. I’m not exactly sure of the details causing this, but I suspect it is related to the domain change. My last project ended up creating 4 Project accounts, somehow, with add-ons spread between them. It’s a mess. And now, I can’t seem to find any information on how to change this and clean them up. Can someone help me with this?

The projects pages support both stages (which are intented to be temporary and unrelated to the domain of the final site) and the actual production site. You make the project page first and add stages and domains as the project evolves.

You can always release a package license from a project which then makes it available to assign to another project.