How to connect to the old marketplace?

I have a fresh 8.5.5 installation and can’t connect to the marketplace anymore.
The pages says I have to update to 8.5.6 and enter the ID and the Secret manually into the database!
Will I have to do this with all older installations???
What is all the changes about? Just for the new branding??
That looks like a big amount of work for nothing.

Any different ideas please?
Thank you

As far as I know, this is an issue with the new site that is being worked on.

In the mean time, addons/themes need to be selected on the marketplace subsite then manually installed. There have been a few other posts on this, so if you search back you will find more details.

Thank you John, still stuggeling with the new community

@JohntheFish … Why is this marked as “Solved” and “Solution” when the problem still persists?
Just upgraded to v8.5.5 and cannot connect site to community.
v8.5.6 Does not exist, and there is no button to finalize the connection to the community after entering the ID and Secret [#####]
The only message is to upgrade to a non-existing version (v8.5.6):

  • Upgrade to Concrete 8.5.6 or greater.
  • Run the following database queries:
    insert into Config (configGroup, configItem, configValue) values
    Do you have any knowledge about the estimated timeframe when fixes are going to be rolled out? Thanks.

The underlying issue with marketplace integration has yet to be fixed. However, the immediate issue of how to install a theme or addon from the marketplace in the interim can be solved with the manual install process.

The owner of this thread must have considered manual install a good enough solution for their immediate problem, hence they marked it solved.


As you say John.
It‘s not a satisfying situation at the moment and I think it was pretty much a desasterous decission to entirely use the new domain for all branding, but I can handle the manual installation.
However I would have prefered the new websites and service connections for new upcoming version only.
Starters are kind of left alone in the dark athe moment and there are, or I didn‘t find any proper anouncements on how to deal with things and changes.
I think that should be considered urgently!

However th you for your comments and help!

@JohntheFish … I do apologize for my tone on the previous message. I guess my frustration got the better of me. As a non-coder my expectation is to be able to use C5 (CCMS) right out of the box, as that is how it is has been reputed. - from tech pro to non-coder designers. So again, forgive me for my tone. All the best.

I can fully sympathize with your frustrations. Leaving such a gap in the CMS ecosystem is a menace to new and less experienced users and does nothing good for PR.

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Also having the same problem - does the database query option work? If so can anyone explain to me how to do that?

It works all you do is run that query on your database

If you have phpMyAdmin open it a select the db for the site (back it up before hand) then run the query using the SQL tab at the top

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Many thanks - worked a treat