How to download or install a free addon

I’m trying to download an free addon.
Is downloading and tweaking no more possible?

Totally lost in the new Marketplace. Paid Addon Demo not working, says:

### An unexpected error occurred.
Undefined variable $linkUrl

but v. 9 ready:

Last Updated

March 14th, 2024

Date Published

February 22nd, 2024

It doesn’t appear you can download from there, but once you have the license it can be downloaded from your licenses page in your profile under “my account”

I am in my account. Nothing there.
Do I need a license for a free addon?

When I try to download JohntheFish’s free Addon it says PURCHASE COMPLETE, the given link directs me to the login page again. Nothing happens.

Other addon “Image Link With Content”, I’d like to see the demo before buying.
see screenshot. Addon is updated on March 14th, so I expect it to run under v9.
Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 14.01.21

@Myq @frz - flagging this to you as it looks like a bug.

Yes, once you click to download a package, it should then be in the list of licenses.

Would love to help, but I’m not sure I have enough details here.

  1. Free extensions are still retrievable from the marketplace but admittedly the UX is a little backwards. Enlil is right, once you click Download from the upper right of the marketplace listing it gives you a license and asks you which connected site you want to assign it to (for automatic installation). If you want to just download it, goto your licenses page and download it from there.
    Login :: Concrete CMS Marketplace

agreed, we could make that simpler and there’s some messaging the needs tweaking.

  1. You’re getting a bug, on some site, that i see part of? Not really sure what to do with that. Where are you? What are you trying to do, etc.

  2. John does have one add-on that currently has a price of $0 - and that’s actually different (and not workable) than free. I’m changing that now. Maybe you found that one?

thx @enlil @JohntheFish @frz
Today, the addons are now downloadable from my licenses page

Demo with Addon “Image Link With Content” is not yet adjusted for PHP8