How to edit a v9 site on < 768px screen?

How do I edit a v. 9 site on a small screen <768px. I cannot find the “Edit”-button when using the hamburger dropdown menu. There’s only dashoboard and log-out.

Same here, you cannot edit your site on a small screen. there is no edit button.

Have you ever tried Composer on Mobile Device addon?
I hope this addon will help you.

Thanks for replying. In V.8 editing on small screens was possible without addon. see screenshot.
On v. 9 there is no option to edit site.
I wonder if this has been not reported to the core team.
The question is still open:
Are v.9 sites editable on small screens?

we have to update (v.8.5 < 9.1) a larger site for a health institute, where it is important to use smartphones for collecting and publishing patient info.
so we need to know if version 9 allows editing/using forms on small devices.
any help is welcome. thanks

Front end forms depend on your theme and the forms package (or core form). There is not anything specific to v9 that would prevent a front end form from rendering on a small device.

Thanks for your reply. There seems no problem with the forms, it’s simply that there’s apparently no edit site button if you try to edit with anything on a smartphone.

Though I just found an open Issue on Github
CMS editable on small screens like iPhoneSE, 320px wide #10924
but I’m not sure if this is fixed or not.