How to enable block design controls?

I’ve just noticed an issue in a site that I’ve inherited from another developer… Never noticed it before on any other Concrete site…

On a front-end page, in edit mode, when I click on a block The ‘Design & Block Template’ option only has ‘Block Template’. The ‘Design &’ part isn’t there, so when selected neither are any of the design options.

I’m presuming this is going to be a permissions thing, or a configuration somewhere in the dashboard - can anyone enlighten me please?

Site is running v9.2.4, and Advanced permissions are turned on.

  • I have double checked this is definitely not theme related, and there are no js or php errors happening.


What I am seeing:
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 14.00.30

What I normally see:
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 14.01.18

Check the permissions…

Thanks for the idea @mhawke.

Double checked, and the permissions are set up correctly for ‘Edit Design’, for Administrators.

This is a global setting somewhere, it applies to all block types across the site.

Anyone got any ideas?

I would check a couple things:

  • Log in as super admin and see if that user has access to it
  • Check the controller for the block and see if it has some property to disable design set in it

Hi @EvanCooper - Thanks for responding…

Sorry I should have mentioend, but to confirm that I am using the Super Admin account.
This is happening on every block type - the vast majority of which (i.e. all blocks that come as standard with concrete) do not have custom controllers. When I have added in new custom blocks, the same issue occurs.

This appears to be a site-wide configuration somehow.

@drbiskit Your config variable should be set to true. If I disable this in an install I see what you are seeing.


@enlil - Amazing, thank you that was it.
Can’t believe I hadn’t spotted it :man_facepalming:

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