How to Remove Products from Marketplace?

How can I remove all of my products from the marketplace?

Send a PM to myself or Nour @mnakalay with a list of your addons to remove.

Rather than deleting completely, consider first changing the license to MIT or GPL and donating them to concrete5 Community · GitHub. Nour and @mlocati manage that.


Thanks John. I think I will donate them. I’ll contact Nour.


That’s really nice of you, @Gondwana ! Thanks.

No worries. All have now been donated (with Nour’s help). I hope some good comes out of them. I feel that simple-backup, in particular, would fill an important niche.


Totally agree! That’s a great feature.

And @Gondwana I have to apologize as I haven’t had a chance to upload them to GitHub yet but soon I promise :sweat_smile:

@mnakalay No problem!