How to remove Time Zone 'Muted Text' from date & time form field

How can I remove the time zone label ‘Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)’ that sits under the date field. I am not using the time option on this field and have no requirement for this.
(see attached example)

Have you tried using the Legacy Form instead of the Express Form?
If you really must use the Express Form, You could use some css to set the muted-text to display:none but the muted-text class is used elsewhere and would be impacted by the css declaration.

Thanks ConcreteOwl,
I will have a look at the legacy form. You are right, the CSS option would hide all the muted-text and I would like to keep the ‘required’ label on the form fields.

Try putting this in Page Settings - >Attributes → Header Extra Content on the page in question

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
$( "div.text-muted:contains('Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)')" ).hide();

Hi Mhawke, thank you that worked a treat!

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