How to remove websites from my account

I have old domains and subdomains listed in my account with Concrete CMS. Cannot find a way to delete these listings from my active account. Any help on this?

Hi @geotex -

If you’re associated with projects on the marketplace you can look at some of the documentation in this section about managing users associated with projects (and how to remove them):

Thank you for your response. but what I want to do is remove old DOMAINS that are no longer active from my listed accounts. Some were test sites to learn Concrete5, some were set up but never sold to the customer, but still on my list of registered domains with Concrete.

Hi @geotex - I think I see what you mean. You can’t delete URLs associated with projects. That is true.

I know a marketplace rebuild is in the works, so that is something that could be introduced there.

If you are talking about deleting projects themselves, those can be deleted by going to to the project, clicking “edit project” and then choosing “delete project”.

I’m assuming you are looking here:

But let me know if I’m looking in the wrong spot.