How to Remove "Welcome Back" from the user's edit profile page

Can someone help me with how to block a registered user (not an admin) from even seeing the “Welcome Back” link from the User’s Profile page For users that are not Admin? (As Admin there is a Link on the profile page to “welcome”). It’s very confusing to the Users- they also see “waiting for me” when there is nothing for them on that level. so the only option I could do to initially block it was to change the permissions on the Welcome page to Admin only- but the link is still visible from the profile page and when it is clicked the user goes to a “not allowed” page- which is frustrating… thanks for any help…

hi, go to sytem&…
index.php/dashboard/system/registration/postlogin - here you can change where the client go after login - i hope this help you

Hello Klaus ~ thank you for taking the time to answer my situation. I have the client set to go to the Home Page after logging in - so that is not the trouble I am having. It is actually the profile page itself - when the client goes to their own “profile page” they see the link to “Welcome Back” which a non-Admin has no use for and that causes confusion for many clients. In this version of C5 it is not possible anymore to put the profile page into “Edit” mode so I am not able to find a way to remove the “view” permission of “Welcome Back” away from the Client. I appreciate all suggestions for sure. Again, I thank you.