How to report bugs?

Hi. After a bit of googling I found a bug tracker: 8.5.0-8.5.4 - concrete5

The obscure link on this page of the site is broken.

Can’t see how to submit a bug, though. Am I missing something? I’m logged in.

Make the reports on github @ Issues · concrete5/concrete5 · GitHub


OK, will do.

But on Contributing to concrete5 it says:

“Only confirmed bugs should be submitted as Github issues, otherwise they should be posted in the bug tracker

When you post to github, you’ll see the quick list of checks to go through to “confirm” it before you make the issue. That old bug tracker was deprecated and never updated to 8.5.5 or beyond.

@Myq Can we add updating the “bug tracker” links (2) at Contributing to concrete5 to the to do list if it isn’t already? It, and its surrounding info should reflect github at this point!