How to show Account child pages?

I add account child pages in my package. The problem is the main account page which is part of the core doesn’t have any menus or links to any of its child pages. These pages are only shown in the top right dropdown menu on the main site, but after you get to the Account, you can’t navigate anywhere.

How can I either add the same top right dropdown menu to the Account or add links to my pages on the Account page?

One way to change the Account page (why doesn’t it have any menu to start with?) is to override it and change it to suit. Can I do that from my package?

Another way is to add this to the application/config/app.php file:

    return [
        'theme_paths' => array(
            '/account' => 'elemental',
            '/account/*' => 'elemental',

That at least will give you the main site menu which you can click to return to.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Are you talking about index.php/account? Both 8.5.5 and 9.0 have child pages in the sidebar:



Anyway, they are just single pages. You can build your own single pages and override system single pages. Check this section of the documentation: Single Pages Overview