How to Translate Single Built-In Member Pages in Concrete CMS?

Hello Community,

I’ve successfully converted my site from English to Spanish to make it multilingual. I used the ‘Copy Languages’ feature to copy the Sitemap Tree, creating an exact copy which I then translated into Spanish in the new/second Sitemap Tree.

However, I’m having trouble finding where to translate the single built-in pages for member areas, such as Edit Profile, Messages, etc. My navigation shows Spanish, but the dropdown for these pages is still in English.

Does anyone know how to convert these single built-in member pages to another language?

Thank you!


In the “Translate Site Interface” section of multilingual you should be able to translate those strings.


Thanks for your help. I did attempt this though and it doesn’t translate on the site. Please see attachment for reference of the settings and the result.

Perhaps I’m missing a step after I hit ‘Save to File’? The message said that the file is saved and these can now be used on the website. But maybe there is a second step I am missing?

In the code these items need to be wrapped in a t() tag.

<?php echo t('Message'); ?>

this way the system knows to translate them.

Where does that go exactly?

Wherever in your code you’ve included the words “ADMIN”, “MESSAGES”, or “LOG OUT” you have to make sure those strings are included within that t() function @TMDesigns mentioned.

I see. I have checked the code and it all contains the t() function for those words. Specifically, I am trying to do this with the mega menu add on on the public facing side of the website. Does translate site interface work for the front end of the site, and not just the admin dashboard?

I have my whole front end navigation translating, except for the Login/Lout and all it’s subnav items such as Message links etc.

Gotcha - yeah if it seems to be related to an addon you’re using, you might ping the developer to see if they have any advice, because if other things in t() are translating, those should too, even on the front end for your users.

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In case anyone else is reading, the Mega Menu add-on allows users to customize the drop-down menu contents. So it’s best to have a separate Mega Menu block for each locale/language on the site (in separate global areas) - that way, the site editor can select only pages within that same locale tree to be displayed and control content on a language-by-language basis.