How to update Add-Ons if not on the Update Add-Ons Menu item

It can be tricky if you don’t have any available licenses for add-ons. Try these instructions.

  1. Navigate to your MarketPlace Projects page and “Release From Project” the Staff Directory Add-On.
  2. Navigate to your profile in MarketPlace (the head icon) and click on Purchase History.
  3. Under the Edit Profile click on Licenses on the right hand side
  4. Click on the black text “download archive” which will save the package onto your computer.
  5. Next FTP to your web server and delete the “staff_directory” folder in the /packages directory.
  6. Extract the ZIP archive that you downloaded in step 4 to your local computer.
  7. Upload the “staff_directory” folder to the /packages directory on the server
  8. Open your Concrete CMS site and navigate to the dashboard, Click on the “Extend Concrete” item
  9. You will see Staff_Directory is still listed as the old version
  10. Click on the dashboard menu item “Updated Add-Ons”
  11. You will see that you can now update the installed version of Staff Directory. Click Update and you are now complete.
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Thank you, Do you want to copy your directions to the tutorials area here so you get author credits? Tutorials: Learn how to perform common concrete5 Tasks

thanks, done, posted for review