How to use Concrete 9 with a CDN

I use the version of Concrete 9.1.3.
For a new project I would like to use CDN with an european CDN which name i did not copy and paste here because of the rules in this forum.

In the past i use a Addon, which works for Version 8. I can not find any solution with version 9. Any good documentation, guides, or addons.

The CDN supports Pull Zones.


Hi @Vuish,

Can you give me a little more detail re: what you are trying to accomplish that you are not able to?

I.e. what is the CDN asking you to do that you are being blocked from being able to do?

i want to use bunny[dot]net as our CDN.
It offers some functions that I would like to use in the future. Files like pictures, PDFs etc. should run through it (file management). So I would have to deposit it as a storage provider.
In the future, I would like to put the whole site behind it, if possible, to also use security functions.

Got it - and which addon did you use for 8.1?

There is the S3 addon that creates an external storage location with Amazon:

If you’d like to roll your own file storage location type, the documentation here has some guidance on that:

Hope that helps!

There is