HowTo create attribute type of currency

I am using Concrete CMS 9.2.1.
I am trying to create an express object with currency amounts.
The closest thing I can see to use is a number or text type, but the number type will not allow me to enter a decimal point.
Can someone please help?

Still cannot see how to have dollar amounts in Express Objects.
Please help

I think the reason you aren’t getting a reply is because you need to explain what you are trying to achieve.

You have kind of answered you own question in the first post. You say you can use number field as no decimal but you can use text.

What are you doing with this fields?

Thank you for your reply.
I am creating a user subscription site and I need to store the yearly subscription fees along with some other fees.
I want to store these amounts as currency because I will need to create some blocks that calculate amounts based on the stored fees.
If I store the amounts in a text field then I do not want to have to convert the amount to floats In my PHP code.

Please advise me if the only way to store currency is in a text field.

Thank you

I have some recollection of a decimal variant of a numeric attribute being somewhere on GitHub. Maybe created by the folks in Japan.

This may work… Number Pro Attribute - Concrete CMS

That would be it. I should have remembered. :grin:

Have you looked at using this

I have used it for this site