I broke the site, please help

I mentioned before that I have been using joomla for years, and this is my first time using concrete, so again, please excuse my ignorance. The CMS seems great, I enjoyed using it for this project. There are a couple of little bugs, but nothing that I havn’t been able to work around.

That being said. I was ready to launch the first version of the site. I finished up what I had to, made sure info was correct and pages looked good. I then went to set the URL rewrite, and change the site from production to live. Now I am getting internal server errors. It changed the layout of the first block under the header and stacked them (first thing I noticed was off, so when I hit the edit key I get the error. I literally can’t get into anything, and when I try to load pages outside of the homepage, I get the same error. I cannot do anything. Please Help!

Can you go to the login? If so try clearing cache

I would reach out to your hosting provider - I think this happens when you set Pretty URLs to “on” (removing the index.php) but something about the web server is not handling rewrites correctly / not able to create the new rewrite rules in the .htaccess file. Something along those lines.

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This was an issue with .htaccess, I had to create the file with the code to fix the issue. All is well now. Thank you both for your feedback.

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You bet, glad you were able to get it resolved :+1: