I Cannot download instalation files

I am a first time user. I am trying to download the installation files, but it keeps saying ‘Invalid file’. Is there something I can do?


It’s just a bit of unfortunate timing, the Concrete team has just performed a huge revamp of their website, and it looks like the link to download the latest release isn’t pointing to the right place.

I imagine this will be fixed very soon though. Perhaps check back in a day or so.

We are fixing ASAP! Thanks for letting us know

This should be fixed – as has the download archive link found on concretecms.org/download

Okay, thank you. I will wait for a couple of days and try again.

@Ubcps It’s working again see Andys thread above.

@jessicadunbar thanks for the quick action. :smiley:

The download link is working correctly for me. I’m using Google Chrome as my browser on Windows 10 Pro. Download :: Concrete CMS - Org

The Download link for v9.0.0 in the download archive still leads to Invalid File.


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confirm. Link from Download Archive - Concrete CMS for v 9.0.0 leads to a file not found error page, while other versions download just fine. Although, I think a version above 9.0.0 would be a better bet anyway as there were a LOT of bugs cleaned up after 9.0.0…

This has been fixed as of a couple weeks ago - but yes, I would also recommend installing a version after 9.0.0.