I'm getting an "internal server error."

I’m trying to edit the example blog page to reproduce an entry from the old site I’m trying to rebuild. I was able to past half of the original text after transferring it from a Wayback Machine archive to a Word file. There was a table in the original site, so thinking that was the most likely cause I skipped it. However, trying to paste the rest of the text, even after pasting it into a Notepad instance and recopying it, continues to generate the “internal server error” when I try to save the expanded blog text. I’ve shut down the browser and tried again, but still get the error.

Any suggestions?

If you are pasting HTML, mismatched tags can cause issues like that.

In the end, I was pasting plain text and reformatting it, but I pasted bits and pieces until I found one sentence that seemed to be causing the problem and just typed it in. Thanks…