Image downscale inside the Content block

I noticed using v9.1.1 that if you put an image (jpg, png or gif) inside Content block (without image dimensions) and then resize the window smaller the image doesn’t downscale at all like it did with v8.

Using the Image block it downscales nicely, but I often use images inside main include and this is a problem if images will not downscale.

I ran across this in a package I’ve been working on. Ended up using some jquery to target the images and add the img-fluid class to them. For reference, here’s the code that solved the issue in my case:

<script> $('div.ccm-block-<?php echo $class; ?>-description img').addClass( 'img-fluid' ); </script>

I noticed this when outputting the contents of Rich Text page attributes as page list descriptions and the images wanted to break out of their “contained” area…

Yes indeed, the images really want to break out of their “contained” area! I wish future updates will fix this soon…

Hi @pedroC5 - can you submit an issue for this? Definitely sounds like something that folks would want, especially if it was already happening in v8 - Thanks! Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

A temporary fix is to use css.

p img {width 100%; height: auto;}

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Thanx - submitted an issue.